Training in the South of France / Bicking/ Tour de France 2024

Enjoy quiet roads. Pleasant spring and autumn temperature. A landscape which characterizes itself by its diversity. Forests and sloping ways but also steep climb and open fields.

Where you can concentrate only at your training. You know the Tour de France is passing by the campiste in 2024? 11th of July 2024 Etape 12 is passing by the D673, just besides the campsite. You can see it from here or do the etape again by yourself. How cool?

This is all possible

We will be very happy to welcome you for the perfect training session. We offer you a care free week in which in your training sessions and wishes will be of our main interest.

Valenthèze is situated in the department “Lot “. This area characterizes itself with flat roads in valleys along the river the Lot but also with hills with an average percentage
of 6  %.

The lengths of the various climbs are approximately 2 a 3 kilometers. There are many possibilities and there is a big diversity in routes of several degrees in difficulty. The weather in February, Mars, April and Mai differs between the 15 – 25 degrees F.

Your stay and boarding will be organized according to your wishes and ideas so that your training will be optimally.

Accommodation is possible in accommodations for 1 or 2 persons, we can accommodate groups up to 20 persons. You can also chose to stay in a bungalow, apartment or safari tent with a capacity up to 6 persons. You’re also welcome with your own camper, caravan, or take along a tent.

Everything is possible.

Your bicycles and other material can be stored safely. We even offer a space to repair and clean your bicycle.

We offer up to full board or just overnight stay.

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